Water Leakage Management with the N’Gage Platform

Managing water consumption is a major concern for many establishments, particularly during the summer months and in areas that are most prone to drought. Using water wisely and minimizing leakage are two key ways to effectively lower consumption and, as a result, reduce water bills. With this in mind, the N’Gage platform provides a powerful solution for monitoring consumption and detecting leaks.

The N’Gage platform collects and analyzes water consumption and flow rate data at fine time intervals, allowing for the estimation of a minimum daily volume, or the minimum amount of water consumed each day. By analyzing these values, potential leaks in the network can be detected. For instance, an analysis of water consumption and flow rate data in cubic meters per hour for the year 2022 on a perimeter of 121 different sites revealed that leaks had a significant impact on overall consumption. In fact, 23.6% of water consumption was due to leaks, representing almost 78,000€ in billing. An analysis of data from a secondary school over the past month and year showed similar results.

Over the past month and year, our solution has proven its accuracy by detecting and controlling leaks through analyses. Here’s how the N’Gage module works:

  • Data Access: The N’Gage platform collects real-time data for optimal monitoring of water consumption and flow.
  • Leak Detection: N’Gage’s built-in alert system rapidly identifies any anomalies or leaks in water consumption.
  • Analyses: N’Gage provides precise, site-specific analyses, making it easy to visualize and understand consumption.

N’Gage goes beyond basic analysis by cross-referencing consumption data with other relevant data, such as surface area or the number of occupants per site. By detecting leaks and providing in-depth analysis for improved performance, this powerful solution enables efficient management of water consumption.

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