Our mission: Anticipating Future Challenges

By anticipating future challenges, we aspire to build a sustainable and forward-looking energy landscape. 

We firmly believe that energy efficiency requires a comprehensive understanding of data concerning both water and energy. Having access to this enriched dataset, covering production, distribution, storage, and all other related parameters, is essential for optimizing energy consumption, lowering costs, and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

We are committed to making energy smart, accessible, and sustainable for everyone. Our mission is to provide all users with solutions for efficient and responsible energy management.

Our vision: Data Intelligence

We believe that smart buildings, housing, and territories are the future of living and working spaces and that this future requires a high level of data intelligence to optimize performance and energy management. Currently, the most advanced digital application in the sector is the Energy Management System (EMS), which relies on a database that third parties can access.

Our platform, N’Gage, brings this vision to life by collecting various data sources, such as controllers, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), weather data, mobility, and transport, or Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI). This comprehensive database provides a full overview of the functionalities and lets third parties access it for optimal use.

To manage the portfolio consistently and integrally, the platforms of each structure must be able to connect to a central platform. The data that flows between the different platforms must be carefully chosen to ensure interoperability.

A platform that is agnostic, such as N’Gage, is the key. It can work with various PLCs in each building and accept all data sources. This flexibility lets operators choose their suppliers freely and adapt to future regulatory changes.

direct and indirect customers
sites monitored in France
data processed​

2,3 Billion

data processed per month