Manage your energy consumption with N'Gage

N’Gage, the leading technological solution for analyzing and optimizing your energy consumption

Optimize your energy performance using data

direct and indirect customers
sites monitored in France

22,6 TWh

i.e. 5% of the non-residential electricity consumption in France is processed by N’Gage

N'Gage, the go-to solution of energy experts

N’Gage is the platform dedicated to analyzing energy and fluid consumption, providing comprehensive visibility of your sites through its exceptional data interoperability. The platform leverages data from diverse sources so as to enable well-informed and structured energy optimization decisions. Its powerful features, such as dashboards, dynamic alerts, subscribed power optimization (SPO), and user management, make it a standout solution.

Fully customizable and ready-to-use platform

Effortlessly implement our N’Gage solution and achieve substantial energy cost reductions in record time

N’Gage, intelligent, all-in-one software,
tailored to meet your sector-specific needs and use cases

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