Acceleration of the commercial dynamic

The global geopolitical context is generating a sustained and unprecedented rise in energy prices. National regulations requiring the reduction of energy consumption are being reinforced. The needs of companies in terms of energy cost control and reduction are becoming more and more acute, accelerating the growth dynamic of the energy performance market.

Since the beginning of the year, Energisme has continued to implement its « AMBITION 20-24 » strategic plan, with the acceleration of its commercial transformation confirmed. This momentum is based on the benefits of the commercial investments made and the intensification of demand driven in particular by a context of rising energy prices.

This underlying trend is particularly strong among real estate, industrial and retail players, who are now fully committed to monitoring and managing their energy consumption, a source of significant savings.

In this context, the deployment of the N’Gage platform is intensifying. The phenomenon is particularly pronounced in the retail sector, a sector in which Energisme made a commitment in 2021 and today its N’Gage platform is deployed or in the process of being deployed with the largest players in this sector.

On a more global level, this movement has resulted in a shorter sales cycle for Energisme. On contracts signed since the beginning of the year, the average ARR(1) per customer is €42K compared to €24K for 2021. This increase in average ARR per customer is in line with the « AMBITION 20-24 » plan, which sets the average ARR per customer target for the N’Gage platform at €60K in 2024.


(1) ARR: Annual Recurring Revenue



ENERGISME has developed a SaaS software solution (N’Gage) aimed at accelerating the energy performance of companies (energy service providers, energy suppliers and distributors, industrialists and property managers) thanks to data intelligence, as well as a PaaS platform (Loamics) dedicated to real-time processing of massive and heterogeneous data. Thanks to the decisive technological and operational advantages of its platform, ENERGISME has built up a loyal following of large accounts. The solution is also marketed by leading players under white label. ENERGISME (ISIN Code: FR0013399359/ Mnemonic: ALNRG) has been listed since July 2020 on the Euronext Growth market.

ENERGISME is a company eligible for the PEA-PME and is also qualified as a BPI Innovative Company and BPI Excellence.



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