Why We Chose Sigma as our Outsourcing Partner: Time Efficiency, Security, and Social Responsibility

At Energisme, we always look for the best partners who can provide our customers with the most reliable, safe, and flexible solutions That’s why we are proud to announce our new partnership with Sigma, a company that has over 50 years of experience in outsourcing services in France.

Sigma: A Partner You Can Rely On

Sigma operates in three complementary domains: software publishing and integration, digital consulting and support, and facilities management. The company has nearly 800 employees, a revenue of €74 million in 2022, and more than 2,200 customers. Sigma has five offices across France, in Nantes, Toulouse, Paris, Strasbourg, and Lyon. The company aims to reach 1000 employees and a revenue of 120 M€ by 2026 while cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by 40%.

How Sigma’s Expertise Meets Energisme’s Needs

Sigma provides a complete set of outsourcing services, from consulting to application modernization and cloud architecture. Their security, performance, and availability expertise make Sigma the perfect partner for data outsourcing.

Firm Commitment for Energisme

What sets Sigma apart is its dedication to providing an excellent outsourcing service. They guarantee a quick response to any incident – within 30 minutes of a problem being reported. Furthermore, Sigma ensures an incident recovery time of just 4 hours, minimizing the potential impact of disruptions on our operations.

Sigma also offers complete supervision of our systems, ensuring proactive problem detection and comprehensive incident management. In addition, they ensure the deployment of security patches, further improving the security and reliability of our systems. These guarantees allow our teams to concentrate on their core activities while being confident that our data is managed securely and efficiently.

Sigma’s CSR Commitment: A Shared Value.

Sigma shares our strong commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). The company has held the LUCIE label since 2015 and has integrated CSR into its 2022-2026 strategic plan. Sigma also became a mission-driven company in June 2023, which perfectly matches our own values and commitments.

At Energisme, we particularly value their proactive approach to reducing their environmental impact, which involves consumption reduction plans and CO2 equivalent measurement. Sigma is also developing Eco-Ops, Eco-Aps, and Mission du Numérique Responsable offerings for more sustainable management.


Our partnership with Sigma allows us to provide our clients with top-notch, fast, and secure managed services while adhering to shared values of environmental responsibility. We are eager to see how this partnership develops, and how it will enable us to further improve our services for our customers.

To learn more about Sigma’s outsourcing services, visit: https://www.sigma.fr/infogerance-cloud/.

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