Thierry Chambon, CEO of Energisme, Talks Energy Optimization with Forbes

Join us as we sit down with Thierry Chambon, CEO of Energisme, to discuss the importance of combating energy waste. Amidst gas shortages and tensions on the electricity grid, Mr. Chambon emphasizes that optimization alone is not sufficient to effectively address the issue. 

In this insightful discussion, Thierry Chambon reflects on his career and sheds light on the challenges of efficient energy management. He highlights the importance of sobriety in energy optimization and explains how N’Gage can help users better understand their energy consumption.

Thierry Chambon discusses the evolving energy sector and the need to anticipate and adapt to the climate emergency. He stresses the fundamental role of sobriety in energy management and describes how Energisme is working to promote this vision among its customers.

Learn about the fight against energy waste, a major contemporary challenge, through this insightful interview.

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