HI 2021 Sales

An increase of more than 52% in billing

Energisme generated a revenue of nearly €1.3m(1) in the first half of 2021, up 35% in relation to the same period in 2020. Billing amounted to nearly €1.6m(1), up 52%, reflecting both the solid business momentum building up and the shortening of customer decision-making cycles.

Despite the continued difficulties related to the pandemic, this dynamic makes it possible to anticipate a
sharp increase in activity from the second half of the year in line with the targets set.

MRR above €400K expected at end-July

At the end of July, ENERGISME expected an MRR (2) above €400k, of which nearly €40k generated in July alone, including:

  • A framework agreement with a global hotel leader
  • A framework agreement with an insurance giant for its international real estate portfolio

This expected sharp increase in the MRR is the result of increased sales efforts in recent months and the ramp-up of technological solutions deployed by the Group. Once again, a sharp acceleration is expected in the second half of the year, which will strengthen the recurring revenue base.

The achievement of a €400K MRR alone (after a few months of deployment) leads to a forward 12-month
rolling turnover of €4.8 million being secured, plus revenue generated over the same coming period.

Solid drivers of sales acceleration in the second half of the year, as well
as the first deals expected for Loamics 

Beyond the traditionally favourable seasonality in the second half of the year, several drivers should support
Energisme’s sales acceleration.

In terms of offers, Energisme will continue to benefit from the momentum of its N’Gage platform, dedicated to the automation and real-time management of energy performance.

Loamics, launched in March 2021, a wholly-owned energy subsidiary offering a software infrastructure specialising in end-to-end data processing, will increasingly become a unique solution for the automation and industrialization of data preparation and processing in real time and on a continuous basis. This value proposition, without any real competition identified, significantly expands Energisme’s addressable markets with limited investment and the support of the network of indirect partners which is already in place.

The deals expected in the coming months will increase growth potential and accelerate Loamics’ pace of
development. Several pilots, which are rapidly industrializable on the platform, are in progress, one with a
large aerospace industry leader and the other with one of the world’s leading energy players.

Energisme and Loamics present on the marketplaces of the world’s two
largest Cloud providers: MICROSOFT AZURE and AMAZON WEB

During the second half of the year, N’Gage and Loamics will also continue to benefit from the expansion of
their network of leading integrators and ESN partners (Capgemini, CGI, Accenture, etc.) as well as white label partnerships (Legrand, Suez, Gazprom, Spie, etc.).

The integration of our offers into the AMAZON WEB SERVICES Market Place over the next few weeks will
also be a major driver of our commercial growth in addition to the offers available on MICROSOFT AZURE.
Energisme and Loamics will be present on the two largest marketplaces of the world’s two largest cloud

Confirmation of the annual revenue target of over €3.5 million 

In light of this favourable outlook, Energisme confidently reaffirms its revenue target of over €3.5 million, corresponding to an expected growth of over 75%. The achievement of this objective, communicated in June, will remain associated with a tight control of the cost structure and cash consumption. In view of this favourable outlook, and in order to finance its development, Energisme is currently considering the use of debt with its financial partners; any other financing methods will depend on market conditions.

The historic shareholders, the Board of Directors and the Management of Energisme are fully confident in
the development of the Company, which they know to be completely decorrelated from the latest stock
market movements. Following these movements, an Euronext analysis is under way to establish a precise
statement of Energisme’s shareholding structure.



ENERGISME aims to establish itself as the international leader in Energy Data Management (EDM) and has developed a SaaS (N’Gage) technology platform aimed at accelerating the energy performance of companies (energy service providers, energy suppliers, industrials and real estate asset managers) through data intelligence. Bolstered by its platform’s technological and operational attributes, ENERGISME already has 140 large account clients. In order to expand its offering, Energisme launched Loamics, a software platform specialising in end-to-end data processing (continuous and real-time data preparation and processing), in March 2021. Both solutions are also marketed by leading white-label players.

ENERGISME (ISIN code: FR0013399359/Ticker: ALNRG) has been listed on the Euronext Growth market
since July 2020.

ENERGISME is eligible for SME personal equity plans and qualifies as a BPI Innovative Company and BPI

(1) Unaudited figures
(2) Monthly Recurring Revenues, with these contracts of an average duration of 3 to 5 years, in our


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