Use N'Gage to keep tabs on your energy expenditures by monitoring consumption and addressing anomalies.

N’Gage is an intuitive platform that allows you to visualize energy and water consumption across all your buildings in the area.

With its capacity to collect diverse data and present it in a clear and comprehensible manner, you can compare consumption based on establishment types.

This heightened visibility enables you to accurately determine where and how to deploy targeted actions in your energy transition efforts.

Intermediate target for reducing final energy consumption by 2030.

Source : Loi de transition énergétique pour la croissance verte

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A better understanding of consumption patterns with N'Gage

You can gain insight into where, when, and how energy is being consumed as well as identifying trends, anomalies, and areas where optimization actions can be taken.


Control and manage your energy expenditures


Interactive dashboards for efficient management of your portfolio: aggregated data, mapping, and alerts for malfunctioning sites, tailored to the needs of public sector stakeholders.


Achieve immediate financial gains by reducing energy expenses, managing bills, and optimizing energy contracts (subscribed capacities based on actual consumption).


Simplify and enhance your CSR reports and GRESB ratings, Tertiary Decree compliance using suitable indicators, personalized dashboards, and export options in your preferred format.

Explore the N’Gage features that match your needs

Primary Use Cases

Optimize your Public Lighting Management: Choose Smart Lighting

Optimize your installations, monitor anomalies, and protect the environment while ensuring residents’ well-being

Track and Control Environmental Metrics

Corporate Social Responsibility offers a chance to manage metrics and contribute to the preservation of our planet

Digitally Track and Analyze Water Quality

Preserve your water resources, ensure regulatory compliance, and prioritize the safety of individuals through real-time monitoring and management of your water networks

Legionella Use Case

Mitigate the risk of Legionnaires’ disease by monitoring the quality of DHW networks in real time