Organized by Energisme and Microsoft on October 12, 2017, this event brought together more than 300 energy management specialists from industrial, tertiary and public sectors.

Introduction à la matinée Energisme et Microsoft

For this first edition entitled “Energy savings 3.0: when digital technologies become the pillars of your energy strategy”, many experts came to share their vision of a sector in transformation.

The conclusion of this morning, on which all the actors agreed, is the importance of an energy-intelligent building. Energisme’s expertise in energy efficiency services has made it a leader in energy monitoring and intelligent energy management.

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“New technologies are transforming the field of energy management.”

Gilles DU CREST, ‎Industry Director Manufacturing & Resources, Microsoft

Microsoft supports companies in their digital transformation process.

For this, the giant of new technologies provides a cloud platform on which the manager can plan and supervise the digitization of his organization. On this platform, it also has a set of tools to address more specific issues. In search of a solution able to address the energy and environmental issues in all its client organizations, Microsoft turned to Energy.

Now integrated into the Azure environment, the Energisme solution puts new technologies at the service of organizations’ energy management.

“CUBE 2020 Competition and Sociology of Energy: when field data illuminate user expectations.”

Cédric BOREL, Director, IFPEB

Starting from the Energy Transition Law requiring the tertiary sector to reduce its energy consumption by 60% by 2050, Cédric Borel highlights the studies conducted by the IFPEB within the framework of the Sustainable Building Plan Charter. , signed by 104 signatories. Three years after this signature, the IFPEB notes that only 21 out of 104 respondents know both the amount of consumption of their fleet, the reduction targets set, and their level of progress in achieving these goals.

The testimonies of the property managers show their difficulty in acquiring an overall energy knowledge of their park, which is too heterogeneous. But in addition to the positive ricochet of the “Charter effect”, the punch operation such as Cube2020, however, helps to find a new area of ​​collaboration and interface with the objective of reregulating the building jointly, between users and operators.

“Energy intelligence from design to building operation: savings and so much more!”

Cyril HOMMEL, Director, H3C

The implementation of a system to monitor and use energy data is not a substitute for performance management. With the consulting firm responsible for project supervision, performance management allows to prioritize actions, coordinate the players and reinforce the client-operator partnership. It provides a detailed understanding of the situation, the data collected and therefore designs solutions that meet the challenges of each stakeholder.

H3C’s energy managers rely in particular on the Energisme solution, which enables them to centralize and visualize each client’s building patrimony and energy data on a single interface. Those energy efficiency experts can then provide more effective advice, more accurate monitoring and more appropriate support.

“40% energy savings within 8 years”: new technologies put at the service of sustainable real estate. “

Benjamin MERCURIALI, Assets’ Value Director, PERIAL

For a leader in sustainable real estate such as Groupe Périal, the commitment to reducing energy costs was obvious. This commitment, which began in 2009 with the creation of a diversified real estate fund incorporating a commitment to environmental improvement, continues today with ambitious objectives: to reduce by 40% the energy consumption of its assets within eight years starting from the acquisition.

With these new CSR objectives, the group will pursue its unique differentiation strategy, while increasing the value of its assets.

By using Energisme’s technological expertise, the Périal Group can go further and faster in achieving these objectives

“Manage 40,000 energy bills per year … with a team of three people: story of a successful digitisation.”

Michel IRIGOIN, Energy Director, City of Montpellier

For nearly 30 years, the city of Montpellier has been working to improve the management of its energies. Maintain a constant energy bill despite the increase in the population of Montpellier, this is the goal set by Michel Irigoin, head of the energy department of the city. A key mission: with 12 million euros of annual energy consumption, optimization is not only energy … but also the financial and human resources of the community.

Montpellier is also 4000 delivery points (energy meters). In front of the manna of data generated by its buildings, the new Metropolis was looking for a versatile tool, able to centralize, standardize and make visible the data of its buildings patrimony. With the implementation of the Energisme solution, Montpellier now manages all of its energy projects on a single platform: prioritization of energy efficiency actions, coordination of internal / external skills, visualization of energy consumption, remote management of boiler rooms and amenities ….

In three decades, the actions of the energy service of Montpellier have saved the equivalent of 63 million euros to the city.

“Manage 40,000 energy bills per year … with a team of three people: story of a successful digitisation.”

Jean-Michel DURAN, Building Management Director, Bordeaux Metropolis

The metropolis of Bordeaux aims to become a territory with positive energy by 2050. In this context, Jean-Michel Duran, Deputy Director of the building management of the Bordeaux metropolis, explains how a strong political porting and environmental awareness have led the city to take an interest in IOT and the active management of energy, in a context of metropolisation.

Since 2014, the city of Bordeaux has been looking for tools that would enable it to meet 4 needs on all 600 sites in the metropolis (5000 delivery points): invoice control, reporting, management subscriptions, the measure of performance.

His meeting with Energisme, listed at UGAP, allowed him to find the appropriate answer. Until now, the administration of the Bordeaux metropolis spent 70% of the time collecting invoices, and only 30% to analyze them. The dematerialization of these invoices makes it possible to go to a full-time analysis, allowing the individual to contribute on higher-value tasks as in the performance of the energy management.

“The connected building won’t necessarily be sustainable … but the sustainable building will necessarily be connected.”


The pooling of skills and the development of collaborative thinking are part of the deployment of the connected building, which is now becoming a platform for multiple services. The anchoring of the IOT , infrastructure, Cloud and the place of the user at the center of uses not only ensures the enhancement, sustainability and scalability of the building, but also those of the territory. The digital base contributes to the constitution of a “smart lot”, which must come to unscramble organizations by innervating the other technical batches of the building.

It is therefore by developing connected buildings “ready to services *”, service-oriented and easily controllable while being secure, that digital, decentralized and decarbonized territories like Smart Cities can emerge.

* buildings that follow the R2S repository.


Alain BERNARD, General Manager Partner, Microsoft

The different interventions of this morning converge towards a common approach, that of wanting to appropriate its energy data. Ownership that Energy, supported by Microsoft, is pleased to facilitate with digital and agile solutions, allowing energy savings ranging from 20% to 40% on buildings that will become more and more communicating and intelligent.

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