Your questions. Our answers.

General Questions

1 - What is Energisme's core business?

Energisme is specialised in energy management. We offer softwares and equipments which allow organisations measure, visualise and analyse their energy consumption. This service is functioning as a web platform and as a saas. To know more about this platform, click here.

2 - What types of organisation use your services ?

Whether you are in charge of tertiary buildings, industry, industrial processes or utilities, our solution can assist you in the collect, analysis and exploitation of energy data. It can also be useful to consultants who wish to compete their offer with monitoring services, or to equipment manufacturers looking for innovative and easy ways to share data with their customers. The sequencing of the solution in micro services allow all participants to choose the appropriate tools.

3 - How are data collected ?

There are many tools available for your data collection, whether they are energy focused, operational or patrimonial. Amongst them, we can mention manual uploading, existing excel files import, automatic contracts and invoices data extraction, collection via sensors (centralised technical gestion, building management systems, industrial bots, databases.., climate data, etc..)

4 - How often should data be updated ?

It depends on data source. It could be mensual (invoices, energy suppliers’ informatics flows, charging curve with 10 minutes rate..), or a live update (sensors, probes, connected devices..)

5 - Is it possible to be several to work on the platform at the same time?

The platform has been conceived as a collaborative tool. It allows to connect all of your organisation’s actors with specific tools: reports, messaging, equipment intervention notification systems, action planning etc.

6 - Is it possible to manage the users according to their hierarchical position ?

Indeed ; you can set different access levels according to the structure of your organisation and to the organisation of the responsibilities of each employees In your team.

7 - Under which format are these data and reports exportable ?

You can export your data and reports under PDF, Excel or CSV, manually or automatically (periodical upload).

8 - Is it possible to associate operational data to buildings ?

You can associate all the necessary information to each site in order to properly study it; SIRET, NAF code, Site’s address, Typology, function, surface, attendance.

9 - I am already using an energy management system : is a migration of my data to Energisme’s system possible ?

Yes ; the existing data are transferable to Energisme’s platform. Also, the measuring tools can be reorientated.

10 - How expensive is Energisme’s solution?

The implementation costs are highly variable according to the volume of sites and to the type of service provided. For instance, the automated management of invoices and contracts costs 2 euros by building by month. Real time monitoring generally costs 15 euros by building by month. Each of these subscriptions offer functionalities on the platform which will allow exploit the collected data.

11 - Does our solution require an internet access ?

As a software as a service, the solution requires an internet access via HTTP or HTTPS. An installation on premise is also possible but reserved to a limited type of case.

12 - Can the platform messaging be integrated to the one already present with the one of my organisation ?

The solution uses messaging services as Gmail, suitable with all types of messaging platforms.

13 - Is the solution usable from a mobile device ?

The solution is usable from a mobile device without brand or screen size distinction. The content adapts itself to your screens thanks to a responsive design.

Energy Manager

1 - There are many energy management solutions. What makes your offer different than your competitors’ ?

– A progressive solution: the tools we offer are conceived by energy managers to adapt to the energy maturity of each organisation, from simple contract management to the set-up of a complete surveillance system, and energetic improvements.

– A powerful informatics infrastructure. Nowadays, we are the only company on the market to use a database type NoSQL managed on Cassandra, which gives us almost infinite capacities in terms of collect, validation and analysing energy data.

– A man to machine interface is designed personally for each customer. We offer on-demand energy management interfaces, whether the client is a local authority, a hotel chain, an estate manager or a hospital. The tool is adapted to your work environment and your objectives, not the inverse.

2 - What kind of data can i collect with energisme ?

We offer sensors for water, electricity, natural gas, refrigeration, heat, flow, volume or temperature. Air quality, hygrometry and water pH are also measurable and visible.

3 - What usages can i check on the software ?

Our sensors allow you to measure your entire energy performance: heating, ventilation, cold system, sanitary, lighting, compressed air, process.. Our measures’ precision will immediately be correlated to our objectives’ precision.

4 - How will the data be correlated ?

Your data are visible with the precision level of your choice. An interactive mapping gives you a global view on your sites’ consumption, but you can also consult the charging curve at the 10 min rate of a building or a usage.

5 - Can i compare the consumptions of different sites ?

Multi-site view is fully part of the solution. If you are looking to cross various sites’ data, you can do it directly on the interface or in customizable reports.

6 - Is captor management integrated to the software ?

Yes ; our solution offers a live IT facilities management of all your sensors (status, functioning, data sending frequency, support..), 24/7

7 - Can we follow the influence factors and correlate them with the energetic expenses of a usage?

Indeed. According to the historical basis of consumption of a usage, a modelling of your consumptions is possible. This modelling includes the variables influencing on this usage’s consumption.

8 - Is there a consistency check of the data ?

Consistency check is the first step of our solution. It is handled by our project managers. They check data’s quality and relevance.

9 - Are saved data time-marked ?

Time marking is fully part of the authentication process. Our project managers oversee data coordination of the various sources. This standardisation will allow you to overlap and compare data.

10 - Can we set our own energy performance indicators ?

Yes ; you even have the possibility to define your own indicators to follow the evolution of your energy consumption in the most relevant way, following to your activity and your site typology.

11 - What is the methodology employed to set up the solution ?

Our energy managers are IPMVP certified. This is an international standard guaranteeing quality and relevance of an energy performance solution.

12 - Is it possible to categorise data according to its origin ?

Our interface allows a hierarchy of the data sources. Thus, you have the possibility to attach the data obtained in the building or usage corresponding.

13 - Is it possible to obtain climate data for each site ?

Yes, you possess complementary information on the variables impacting your energy consumption (ex: degree day integration).

14 - Can we include other data : moisture, sunlight, productivity rate ?

On your space you can cross diverse data including your production data thanks to a tool conceived according to your needs. To know more on the development of a custom energy management app, consult Colas Group’s feedback.

15 - Can we set alerts in case of deviation ?

Indeed, you have the possibility to compare your consumptions to objectives or limits that you would have set as references. In case of deviation, you are able to program alerts via email or text to react immediately.

16 - Does Energisme’s solution answer to the current environmental norms ?

Our solution follows an eco-responsibility and a sustainable development logic. With this solution, you can deploy a full energy management system which will allow you to considerably reduce the environmental impact of your organisation. This system can allow you to obtain the ISO 50001 norm, or answer all the needs of the tertiary decree on energetic performances.

17 - Who do the data collected on sites belong to ?

Whether it is during the contract or after its due date, the energy data are yours. If there is a change is service supplier, we will create informatics flows in order to transmit your database to your new tool.

18 - My organisation already uses building energy management...

The existing systems on your site are sometimes rich in information regarding processes and building energy consumption. However, these systems are limited when it comes to multi-site management. Their rigid conception prevent from comparing data between sites. To complete this lack, you can interface building energy management, centralised technical energy management and bots with the platform. Thus you obtain a centralised view of the totality of your park.

19 - My organisation already uses remote control system.

The data collected via centralised technical energy management can be uploaded and analysed on Energisme’s platform.

20 - My organisation already uses diverse management tools (Custormer relationship management, accounting…). Can Energisme’s platform interface with these tools ?

Energisme’s platform is interoperable with the current majority of the systems and informatics tools. If you wanted to put in place captors with informatics tools used in your organisation, we define with you the synergy to set up your energy management and the rest of your activities (financial, commercial, technical..).

21 - Is it possible to model my installation (site, equipment, component..)

Yes; on the platform, you create and enrich a synoptic of your infrastructure, integrating specific elements (sensors, probes, equipment) and holding a history of the realised interventions on each element. This synoptic allows modeling a captor network, as well as the relations and hierarchies existing between these captors. Contact us for more information.


1 - What are the communication protocols used by the app ?

The app uses FTP and SMTP protocols.

2 - Which languages are used for the development of the software ?

The language used for the development of our solution is JAVA.

3 - Does the solution use info centre services ?

Yes, the solution offers infocentre services as Webservice, API Rest. The solution is Cognos and Qlikview compatible.

4 - Are inter-application data exchanged offered ?

Inter application data exchange are offered by API, Webservice and by file.

5 - Does the solution offer batch type integration modes for data and mass files recovery ?

Indeed, you can integrate your data and documents by batch processing.

6 - What DBMS software is used ?

The software used are Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise 4.8.5

7 - Does the software require the installation of an applet, an activeX or any other complementary plugin ?

You don’t need to install any complementary plugin.

8 - Does the software include a native saving solution ?

Yes; a native saving solution is possible because the data are saved on the cloud.

9 - Is there a log of the logins, logouts and are privileged accesses journalised ? If so, how ?

Yes, all the connexions are saved and accessible in case of need, under LOG4J

10 - How are data transmitted ?

We don’t use a particular network, however we adapt our tools to the context, the collect environment and the geographical covering. The data can be transmitted via a very low speed network (Sigfox, LoRa…) but also via a 2G/3G/4G/5G transmission or radio frequencies following the captors used and the typology of the infrastructures.

11 - Can we make the platform communicate with third parties systems ?

Indeed,you are able to communicate with third-parties systems, especially with web services.

12 - What is the technology used to stock the data ?

The data are saved on a NoSQL database generated with Cassandra middleware. Amongst the most important characteristics of such a system, we can mention the decentralised architecture (no hierarchical relations between knots), data repartition (knots data are automatically replicated to other knots) and elasticity (new knots added according to the volume of information).

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