Gain control over your performance commitments to clients and increase operational efficiency.

Collect, analyze and track all your water, electricity and gas usage data in real time. Rely on data intelligence to manage your assets’ consumption, and foster customer loyalty by enhancing their efficiency.

This is the target for reducing energy consumption among tertiary real estate actors by 2030


Source: Ministère de la transition énergétique.


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Collaborate with environmentally conscious partners to optimize your investments by managing energy expenditures and prioritizing maintenance. Make use of N’Gage to exploit data for efficient energy management and bolster your clients’ transition.


Save time and minimize errors by automating data collection and imports. Increase your operational efficiency in the process.


Easily identify areas of improvement and streamline decision-making through automated reporting.


Guarantee the quality of your information and uphold customer trust by verifying data reliability. The resulting accuracy facilitates effective contract management.


Augmentez vos marges et votre performance opérationnelle en prévenant les pannes et en maintenant vos installations en bon état. Pilotez efficacement la performance des sites.


Increase your margins and operational performance by preventing breakdowns and maintaining your installations in good condition. Efficiently manage site performance.


Minimize downtime and maximize productivity by quickly reacting to problems.


Guarantee safety, environmental compliance, and customer trust by adhering meticulously to regulations and standards. Anticipate forthcoming changes and adjust by maintaining a solid grasp of the norms.

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Primary Use Cases

Legionella Use Case





Mitigate the risk of Legionnaires’ disease by monitoring the quality of DHW networks in real time

Energisme's Platform Pushes the Boundaries of Energy Optimization

Aggregate all your multi-fluid consumption data in a single, automated interface

Track and Control Environmental Metrics

Corporate Social Responsibility offers a chance to manage metrics and contribute to the preservation of our planet

CMMS (Computer-Aided Maintenance Management) Use Case

Seamlessly incorporate the energy module into your CMMS to quickly enhance your real estate portfolio’s energy performance