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Our commitments

Create an open and collaborative ecosystem that saves the planet's resources by leveraging the wealth of data through innovative and disruptive technologies

Joining Energisme means sharing our values and our will to minimize the ecological impact of all our customers and all the actors of our ecosystem.

A collaborative team at the service of our values and values at the service of our collaborations

We consider trust and respect to be the essential values of all positive human relationships. In our professional environment, they strengthen the cohesion and resilience of our team:

  • Highly invested in our project, our employees quickly gain autonomy and responsibility. They have the ability and the duty to question decisions and to participate in the growth of Energisme. 
  • Our middle management is essentially the result of the evolution of our employees (32 years old on average, 85% from internal evolution).

Transparency and caring are the foundations of healthy communication and an efficient organization. 

We promote open and transparent communication, which strengthens information sharing and the acquisition of new skills:

Communicating does not only mean informing. It also means listening, engaging in dialogue and building collaboratively:

  • Monthly briefing, monthly newsletter, weekly news, 
  • An agile organization, daily, weekly, monthly events…
  • An annual and professional interview every year,

Combined with a supportive management style, these are the conditions that multiply creativity and innovation! 

Because we are all invested in a collective project that gives meaning to our work, and because we work in a respectful and supportive manner, we dare to be bold and inspired. 

Our organization is constantly evolving, taking into account feedback from our teams, projects and ideas.


Work-life balance

At Energisme, we are committed to respecting a balance between personal and professional life. Our employees are very committed to our collective goals, but we are committed to respecting their personal time and space. In this spirit, we favour flexible working conditions as much as possible.


of our staff work 100% from home, anywhere in France.


since January 1, 2021, 20% of our recruitments telecommute.

Respect for diversity

Energisme is an SME rich in diversity. 

We refuse all forms of discrimination. And our M/F index is steadily increasing: from 85 in 2020 to 87 in 2021. Our workforce is multi-generational and includes 6 nationalities. In addition, 15% of our employees work from home throughout France. 

We cultivate this diversity from the moment we recruit. In 2021, 20% of our recruitments will end up with telecommuting candidates, 15% are senior candidates, and we welcome 3 different nationalities. Finally, Energisme is committed to young people by organizing internships every year.