EnergismeWho we are ?

The history of Energisme

Our history

In 2015, Energisme was taken over by 3 entrepreneurs, with complementary backgrounds and driven by the same ambition: to develop a new generation of software platform.

Our solution can be described as:

  • Scalable and interoperable 
  • Agile and modular 
  • Robust and scalable 
  • Functional and customizable

This software platform allows us to meet the decision-making and operational needs of the various players involved throughout the energy management chain.

Resolutely innovative, our platform is a winner of the Bpifrance Digital Innovation Award, and the Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Partner Award.

Growing exponentially, our company has multiplied its workforce by three between 2016 and 2018, and now has over 90 employees as of the end of 2020.

Our field of expertise is centered around:

Efficiency and intelligence

The platform developed by Energisme collects millions of raw data to create added value. It makes the invisible visible, the useless useful.


Our platform allows us more agility and simplifies all uses and collaborations.


The infrastructure developed by our company offers a unique capacity to work agilely with massive, heterogeneous, continuous and real time data.

Ease of use

We enable our customers to monitor their production flows and energy consumption by de-silencing their data as well as optimizing usage and processes.

All of this in order to save money and reduce the carbon footprint.

In a phrase: accelerate their energy efficiency.