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The options

Complete your solution with N'Gage options

We have designed additional features to facilitate the use and customization of the platform.

The options

Mobile application ​

Receive and consult alert notifications in real time

Access the action plan for your sites

Consult the performance indicators of your technical and real estate assets

Ensure the manual entry of indexes for your non-connected meters

White label ​

Platform integrating your LOGO

Dedicated URL

Customer management by agency

Single Sign-On (SSO) allowing access to several of your applications with a single authentication.


Use your own identity server to manage your users' accounts

Save your users from juggling multiple accounts and passwords

Centralize identity and access management

API Management ​

Get direct access to data

Interface your information system with the platform, and integrate data as you see fit

Manage API access according to flexible and versatile policies


Connect the data produced by your internal information systems (CRM, ERP, CMMS, etc.)

Use the data from your internal tools to enrich and ensure the reliability of the analyses made through N'Gage

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