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The smart office: a connected office for your collaborators

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The smart office: a connected office for your collaborators

The smart office is based on data to improve the quality of life at work for employees and all collaborators. It responds to energy performance issues in the service sector while optimizing employee comfort. The solution developed by Energisme reinforces your control of data and facilitates the creation of relevant services for employees.

Qu'est ce que le smart office - smart building - Energisme

What is a smart office?

The smart office is a workspace in which new technologies are used to serve the needs and well-being of employees. The main objective of the connected office is to facilitate the daily life of employees to help them work smarter, more efficiently and faster.

During the course of a workday, employees waste time and energy on non-value-added tasks or activities: searching for a parking space in the morning, finding an available meeting room, lining up at the food court at lunchtime…

Smart office applications leverage data from connected devices to provide employees with real-time information that will help them avoid these unnecessary time wasters. Employees can focus on their work and be more productive.

In addition, the smart office meets the challenges of improving energy performance in the professional building sector. The smart office is part of the smart building dynamic. The extension of the Internet of Things (IoT) field facilitates the collection of massive data on the building and on the occupants’ uses. 

Energisme solution

The software platform developed by Energisme allows centralization of all this data in a single data warehouse. The data is then cross-referenced and analyzed thanks to the solution’s algorithms and artificial intelligence. And finally, the information becomes usable by business applications such as smart office applications.

What are the benefits of the connected office?

An improved employee experience
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An improved employee experience

One of the main reasons to implement a smart office solution is to improve the employee experience. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to eliminate all the time-consuming and frustrating moments that occur during the workday:

  • ​​Searching for a free workspace
  • Searching for and reserving a meeting room
  • Waiting for a table to become available in the food court

By eliminating all these obstacles in daily work life, smart office applications improve the well-being of employees and contribute to the overall productivity of the company. A modern employee experience, amplified by new technologies, is also a way to attract and retain employees.

Better use of work spaces
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Better use of work spaces

In professional buildings, it is common that reserved meeting rooms are not used. 

A dedicated smart office application allows to visualize in real time the occupation of the rooms. This type of application is based on technology (presence sensors, predictive analysis,…) to :

  • detect if a room is occupied
  • predict occupancy by analyzing occupant usage data via a software platform such as the Energisme solution 

The solution frees up available space and saves time for employees looking for a meeting room. In the same way, a smart office application can show flex office employees which workstations are available. 

This optimized space management also facilitates teamwork and collaboration within the company. It allows employees to quickly find a space for an impromptu meeting or to meet flexibly as a project team at adjacent workstations.

Data to improve the workspace
Data to improve the workspace

Not only does the smart office optimize the use of professional buildings by employees,  it also provides managers and executives with useful information for rethinking work spaces. 

 But it also provides managers and executives with useful information to rethink workspaces.

Indeed, there can sometimes be a difference between the way a workspace has been designed and the way employees actually use it. 

Collecting data related to occupants’ uses and then analyzing the data on the Energisme platform helps managers understand which rooms or configurations are preferred by employees.

The smart office also facilitates feedback from employees on defective or missing equipment. This helps to reduce repair times.

Energy performance of office buildings
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Energy performance of office buildings

Finally, smart office solutions meet the challenge of reducing energy consumption. The connected office makes it possible to collect data on employee usage. For example, which rooms are occupied, during which time slots, for what purpose, etc.

The cross-referencing of this data with the building’s smart metering data enables the optimization of the building’s energy consumption. For example, if a presence sensor detects that a room is always unoccupied before 11am, the building operator can program the heating systems so that this room reaches the ideal temperature just before 11am. 

In this way, the smart office is a source of energy savings. Another example: the intensity of the lighting can be adapted to the activity of the employees. The knowledge of their uses facilitates an adjustment of the energy consumption to their real needs.

Smart office applications for a better quality of life at work

Workspace management

A smart office application for managing meeting rooms and workspaces helps you optimize available space. 

For example, you can:

  • Monitor room usage in real time and synchronize information with employee calendars so that everyone has a complete view of available space at any given time
  • Accelerate room reservation requests, avoid duplication and send notifications to meeting participants in case of room or time changes
  • Reserve the equipment needed for the meeting from the same application
  • Better evaluate the real needs of employees in terms of computer equipment
  • Monitor in real time the use of a room: if its use is atypical you can detect a problem (For example: Everyone in break room 1 and not divided between 1 and 2: coffee machine broken down in break room 2?)
Building accessibility and safety

The smart office is also a workplace made safer by new technologies. First, access to the building is controlled by a dedicated application. Only employees who have the application can access the parking lot and work spaces. The solution also indicates which parking spaces are free, so that no time is wasted and no stress is caused in the morning. The building is thus better protected against intruders. 

In addition, intelligent sensors detect any presence in a space. Thanks to the artificial intelligence algorithms of the N’Gage solution developed by Energisme, any activity at an unusual time or in a reserved space is immediately detected. It is also possible to set up alerts for security managers in case of anomalies.

Finally, the smart office facilitates the evacuation of the premises, if necessary. The sensors allow the exact number of people present in the premises to be known and to locate them in the spaces.

Energy management

The connected office contributes to improving energy performance. Reducing the carbon footprint of commercial buildings is not only a regulatory issue but also a source of savings.

The information collected by the connected equipment can detect peaks in consumption and, above all, sources of energy savings. Connected lighting adjusts according to room occupancy and employee activity to reduce the building’s energy consumption.

Finally, intelligent heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems regulate the temperature according to the occupants’ habits, room occupancy schedules and the weather forecast. 

The centralization of data via the Energisme platform facilitates the implementation of business applications that meet the needs of employees. The platform reinforces your data control and facilitates the provision of a multi-user solution for employees.