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Multi-fluid data collection and analysis at the heart of intelligent building energy performance

The energy performance of buildings is at the heart of the energy transition.

The N'Gage platform developed by Energisme facilitates the collection and analysis of multi-fluid data in order to improve energy management and synergies between different energy vectors.

Qu'est ce que la donnée - Smart Building - Energisme

What is multi-fluid data?

Multi-fluid data is data relating to multiple energy vectors:

  • Electricity – Gas – Water – Heat

To improve the energy performance of a building, the collection, processing and analysis of energy data are essential. But the difficulty is that today, the energy systems often still operate according to a logic of silos. Each energy vector has its own specific networks and players.

Synergies between the different energy vectors appear to be a source of energy savings.

By promoting interactions between networks, some wastage could be avoided. Energy conversions (conversion of electricity into heat or gas, for example) are also ways of improving building performance.

Finally, the exploitation of conversions between energy vectors would allow a better integration of renewable energies.

Data for energy transition

From the perspective of the energy transition, the compartmental logic between the players is an obstacle.

The energy management of buildings must be based on an overall view of energy consumption.

The interoperability of energy data is at the heart of this evolution.

N’Gage platform

The N’Gage platform, developed by Energisme, facilitates the collection of multi-fluid data through the installation of IoT sensors on building equipment.

The centralization of this data in a single base where the data is completely unstructured and the analysis of data via artificial intelligence strengthens the energy management of the building.

How do you measure and analyze your multi-fluid data with performance indicators?

Measure and analyze your data
Mesurer et analyser les données - Energisme
Measure and analyze your data

The synergy between the different energy vectors is not yet complete.

Players are still devising independent strategies, each striving to overcome their own constraints. 

Nevertheless, at the building level, the use of multi-fluid data is not only possible, but it opens up new perspectives in terms of improving energy performance.

For this, it is necessary to set up a formalized energy management approach.

Collect and analyze multi-fluid data
Collecter et analyser - smart building - Energisme
Collect and analyze multi-fluid data

To get a global view of your energy consumption, you will benefit from a multi-fluid data analysis rather than a vector by vector analysis.

From this point of view, the solution developed by Energisme meets the energy challenges of the building sector. It is not only based on billing data and remote meter reading. It is part of the smart building dynamic. 

To make the building smart, IoT (Internet of Things) sensors are installed at key points. The processing of collected data via the solution’s artificial intelligence promotes in-depth analysis, taking into account the interactions between energy vectors.

The analysis of the multi-fluid data allows to establish on a regular basis a complete energy performance report. The granularity of these reports allows for a better consideration of the interactions between energy vectors in performance improvement action plans.

Multi-fluid data analysis helps you build your metering plan. Indeed, the analysis will allow you to identify the most energy-intensive energies and their uses and therefore provide you with the list of uses to be equipped with a smart meter as a priority.

Define energy performance indicators
Define energy performance indicators

The first step to improve the energy efficiency of a building is to perform an energy audit.

Over a period of time, you will collect the energy data and the influencing factors of the building. 

The analysis of these data in the Energisme solution will allow you to:

  • detect anomalies and energy saving opportunities

You will then be able to set objectives in terms of energy performance and key performance indicators (KPI).

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An energy management tool for a better control of your consumption

Managing energy performance via a platform that collects and analyzes multi-fluid data is also a way to better control energy consumption.

Today, data management is the trigger for energy efficiency actions. However, building owners or operators have long been dependent on energy suppliers or network managers to obtain consumption data.

The solution developed by Energisme promotes the collection and analysis of contextualized data. The user gains autonomy. He collects precise data, according to his needs and uses. Thus, it is easier to identify energy losses and areas for optimization. 

On the one hand, the solution developed by Energisme reinforces the ability of real estate professionals to control energy consumption on their entire property or on a particular building. On the other hand, thanks to this better control of the data, it places the user in a dynamic of co-creation of energy solutions with the suppliers.

Améliorer performance - Smart Building - Energisme

Improve the energy performance of the building

Multi-fluid performance indicators are now at the heart of the energy transition approach. In particular, they support energy renovation actions in buildings.

The Energisme platform provides professionals with an overview of energy consumption and savings opportunities. 

This is a significant change compared to a system that collects data from different energy networks separately. Improving energy performance is no longer just a matter of optimizing each of the vectors, independently of the others.

The smart building brings out a holistic vision of energy management. Improving performance can thus be based on the synergies between the various vectors involved.

At the building level, the use of multi-fluid data facilitates the achievement of regulatory objectives in terms of energy transition in buildings. For building owners or operators, it also constitutes a competitive factor through better control of energy consumption and building management costs.

The N’Gage platform provides energy consumption monitoring reports. It allows you to easily visualize the performance of a building stock with respect to regulatory objectives thanks to dedicated dashboards. Then, you can create reports and alerts by geographical area or consult the data for a specific site.