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Retail: integrate the energy performance of your sales outlets into your ESG strategy

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Lighting represents 25% of the energy bill of a sales area. This figure rises to 60% in the clothing, food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Source : ADEME

What are the ESG criteria specific to the retail sector?

ESG criteria
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ESG criteria

ESG criteria are a key element of your Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) strategy, and represent a major challenge because they include a truly responsible dimension:

  • Environmental criteria: management of energy consumption of all points of sale, waste and pollution management, reduction of carbon footprint.

  • Social criteria: working conditions for employees, meeting the expectations of consumers and investors, optimizing the supply chain.

  • Governance criteria: organizational structure of the company (independence of the board of directors, presence of an audit committee), tax strategy and level of compensation.

Good to know: SRI strategy is not limited to financial investment, as it is based on sustainable development and social issues. In fact, it takes the form of social and environmental criteria specific to the ESG strategy, as well as ethical investments (exclusion funds).

For your SRI strategy and the management of your ESG criteria, Energisme intervenes at several levels: the collection of energy data, the reduction of energy consumption, the reduction of charges as well as the simplification and harmonization of your CSR reporting.

Energy and environmental data collection
How can collecting energy and environmental data optimize your ESG and SRI strategy?

You have data that, when properly interpreted, can provide crucial information about the environmental and financial impact of each of your stores.

To guide your SRI and sustainability strategy, data collection coupled with artificial intelligence (AI) plays a central role in your ESG policy.

Moreover, the right interpretation of your data allows you to accelerate your decision making.

To do so, Energisme transforms massive, heterogeneous, continuous and real-time data into key indicators and continuously analyzes them.



Reduction of energy consumption
Reduce the energy consumption of your distribution network

The software integrates numerous modules to respond precisely to the major axes of your sustainable development strategy.

Real-time access to your multi-fluid data (water, electricity, gas) allows our software platform to identify not only your energy consumption, but also to make immediate financial gains.

Costs reduction
Reduce costs related to the overall energy performance of your stores

The automatic analysis of your energy data shows your actual consumption, but not only that: it compares your different contracts.

You can clearly see the energy drifts on each point of sale and identify the optimal power of your subscribed powers.

In addition, the platform allows you to manage your bills intelligently by intervening at two levels : 

  • checking the consistency of invoices according to your consumption periods
  • automatic recalculation of all invoices issued according to your supplier contracts
Extra-financial report
Extra-Financial Performance Reporting: simplifying your CSR reporting

To measure the performance of your ESG criteria, Energisme makes it easy to publish your results.

Environmental data related to your CSR indicators can be exported in the format of your choice. You get a simplified reporting in a few clicks that meets the standards of extra-financial reporting.

You communicate a truly representative analysis of the existing situation based on compliant data.

In addition, you have a clear document on your environmental and social impact to justify the financial performance of your organization.

Define your sustainability investment strategy

Identify the key metrics to track and measure your ESG criteria, choose the right data provider based on strict selection criteria.

Implement data tools to analyze your ESG data
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Invest in a flexible, scalable platform capable of collecting and analyzing your data in real time.

Declare your non-financial reporting

Industrialize the CSR reporting process while taking into account regulatory requirements.

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How is ESG data collection managed?

Energisme connects to your multi-fluid and multi-site data. To do this, the platform interfaces with several data sources:

  • Supplier data (Enedis, GRDF…): supply contracts, invoices, energy performance contract.
  • Sensor data: IoT sensors, water meter, electricity meter, gas meter.
  • Asset data: influencing factors (weather, attendance by period).

This is what allows the energy management platform to collect your consumption data in real time, to analyze them in order to generate financial gains quickly.

Retailers, reduce your energy footprint with Energisme

The N’Gage software solution allows you to accelerate your energy transition based on key insights. You can track the energy consumption of each of your outlets and consolidate your CSR and SRI strategies.

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N'Gage is built around different modules selected according to your needs, such as:

A global vision of your energy performance​

A global vision of your energy performance via a precise dashboard.

Access to pre-populated benchmarks​

Access to pre-populated benchmarks according to the regulations to which you are subject (Tertiary Decree, GRESB, GRI, etc.).

Mapping of your points of sale​

Mapping of your points of sale segmented by country, by region, by department or by brand.

Control and update of your invoices​

Control and update of your invoices linked to your energy contracts.

Customization of access ​

Customization of access to the various dashboards (opening of rights to the various referents, access to your research department).

Simplified visualization of sites​

Simplified visualization of sites with consumption drifts.

Detailed analyses​

Detailed analyses of your energy consumption and expenditure, site by site.

Setting up alerts​

Setting up alerts for immediate action in the field.

Automatic extraction​

Automatic extraction of your ESG data in the form of a CSR report.