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Use case07/12/2021

Preserve water resources: track the entire water cycle

Our tips for controlling water quality in your facilities!

Did you know that? Industry represents 12% of water withdrawals in France… It is therefore necessary to limit the risks of drift and preserve water resources!

For people’s safety and compliance with regulations

Preserving the quality of your water resources has become essential.

With Energisme, discover how to control continuously and in real time your water networks.

Pumping, treatment and storage of water, but also leak detection.

Our advices to centralize and realize a precise follow-up of the water quality:

  • Centralize all data related to the water cycle in a single platform
  • Remotely monitor your systems, your chemical residue levels and your KPIs
  • Set up alerts when thresholds are exceeded

If you would like to know more about water management, please download our guide!