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Improve the energy and environmental performance of your real estate

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Our mission is to accompany you in the development of your real estate ESG strategy taking into account the Environmental, Social and Governance criteria of your organization.  Energisme's solution allows you to increase the energy performance of your buildings, to reduce the energy consumption and to control the energy costs.



The building sector now accounts for 44% of the energy consumed in France.

Source : Les Echos

Nos secteurs - Real Estate - Energisme

The challenges of an ESG strategy in real estate

Consolidate a CSR strategy​

Automate the collection of your energy and environmental data across your entire portfolio

Promote the green values of your assets​

Add value to your assets

Reduce your energy bill​

Optimize your energy expenses and save on operating costs

Comply with the regulations​

Tertiary Decree, GRESB, ODD (Sustainable Development Goals), GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and certifications/labels: EPRA, SRI

Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions​

Understand your consumption structure to reduce the carbon footprint of your real estate assets.

Improve the well-being of occupants​

integrated into the social dimension of your ESG strategy, the comfort provided presents a real economic advantage: a pleasant building, in compliance with environmental standards, increases occupant/tenant loyalty

Enhance the value of your real estate assets with an effective response to environmental issues

Automatically collect your energy data

Automatically collect your energy and environmental data. Clearly visualize your ESG performance.

Communicate and transmit information easily

Communicate and transmit information easily: reporting, OPERAT (Tertiary Decree platform), GRESB or other organizations… (add hyperlinks to lexicon or regulations)

Manage your strategy

Manage your strategy, rationalize investments and increase their impact in the progress and management of your action plan.


GRESB dashboard, CO2 balance dashboard, SRI dashboard


Automated reports

Action plan follow-up

Action plan follow-up: construction of the environmental and carbon trajectory up to 2050


EDM: Document management, Labels and certifications can be integrated for each site

Client testimonial

Thanks to its ability to collect and consolidate heterogeneous data, Energisme allows us to stage the indicators that are essential to the management of our clients' CSR policy.

The integration of N'Gage into our tools and processes is a new step for us and our customers in the implementation of our Smart FM 360° platform. We are convinced of the importance of digital tools to provide our customers with real-time energy performance management solutions.

We wanted to add the N'Gage platform for monitoring consumption to our consulting services for improving energy performance. It is dynamic, ergonomic and secure. This facilitates and consolidates the data collection work of economic actors, especially those who use several energies, on several sites, with several suppliers. This is the case for our customers and prospects in the tertiary sector who are concerned by the decree of July 23, 2019, which requires them to make energy savings in stages until 2050.

The Energisme platform is intended for our entire management chain. It allows us to centralize our energy monitoring, promotes synergies between departments and improves the overall performance of our group.

I chose Energisme for the performance of its platform that I can fully adapt and customize to my value proposition and because we share the same vision of solutions to the challenges of energy optimization and carbon footprint. Having access to reliable data allows me to implement action plans to intelligently reduce energy consumption expenses and to better purchase energy while associating services.

The idea behind the MANERGY platform is to "join forces. We rely on Energisme's extensive expertise in terms of data collection and management solutions, and at MANERGY we focus on our core business, which is data analysis and consulting. We want to offer it to all our customers, current or future, who want to control their energy performance.