We get our strength through

the agility and the power of our energy management solution

Energisme has opted for a strategy of functional openness between services and systems in order to offer its customers the best of technologies and complete interoperability with all data sources and whatever the protocols used: business information systems, web services, meters and sensors, databases, telecommunications networks, etc.
Our partner ecosystem covers the entire spectrum of data production technologies. We have also established major partnerships with major systems integrators and service companies specializing in energy performance.
Thanks to our partners, you integrate your data faster, deploy your projects faster, and develop value in the implementation of energy performance actions.

Our partnerships

Suppliers and distributors

We develop privileged agreements with energy and fluid suppliers and distributors to automate the collection of invoice, contract and consumption data.

Business Information Systems

We develop dedicated IT interfaces and data flows to integrate our platform into your business environments and increase the automatic exchange capabilities between your various management systems.

Technical management systems

We develop computer interfaces capable of automatically interpreting and integrating data from your technical management and control systems for building equipment or industrial processes.

Sensors and counters

We develop connectors adapted to the specificities of each of the measurement or data capture equipment. This allows you to easily deploy connected objects (IoT) to enrich platform analyses and increase your energy performance control.