EnergismeOur offerN’Gage Start: your free access energy management solution

N'Gage Start : your free access energy management solution

N'Gage is an energy management platform dedicated to managing the energy and environmental performance of companies, local authorities, manufacturers and service providers

A true digital hub, its ability to continuously collect a massive amount of heterogeneous data allows you to make reliable decisions and save time. 

In the race to save the planet, N'Gage represents a significant support in the ecological transition of organizations.

What is energy management?

Energy management consists of monitoring the energy consumption generated by one or more buildings using measurement tools.

The objective is to achieve energy savings by monitoring and reducing energy consumption.

In addition, energy management encourages the substitution of consumption dependent on fossil fuels for renewable energy.

At the level of economic actors, energy management is a complementary response to their regulatory obligations, notably those of the law on energy transition for green growth or the ELAN law.

Which tools to measure the energy management of buildings?

Managing the energy performance of organizations requires a methodology that can be complex at first glance.

To do this, we must distinguish between energy management systems that allow remote control of consumption (home automation, BMS, IoT sensors, etc.) and energy management systems. 

An energy management platform, also known as Energy Management Software (EMS), will collect data from multiple sources and bring them together in an interface. Thus, where energy management systems are tools, energy management platforms are solutions that address multiple issues.


Collecting energy and environmental data from multiple sources.


Cross-referencing and analyzing this data to identify key insights.


Use of KPIs in a more global reflection (CSR strategy, investment strategy, energy efficiency, etc.).

N'Gage Start: the free access energy management platform

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The N'Gage Start offer

N’Gage is an energy management platform that automatically collects and analyzes a massive volume of multi-fluid energy consumption data (electricity, gas, water) from several sources: building management system (BMS), connected meters, IoT sensors, ERP software, energy contracts, etc.

The N’Gage Start offer gives you free access to the data collection and analysis module to optimize the energy management of a building stock.

Operational in a few days, the N’Gage energy management platform simplifies the management of the energy performance of organizations to accelerate their ecological transition.

Which modules can simplify the management of your energy performance?

A real solution for monitoring and measuring the energy efficiency of organizations, access to the N’Gage Start version provides unlimited access to numerous modules:

Automatic recovery of energy and environmental data

N’Gage interfaces with the databases of network operators (Enedis, GRDF) and supply contracts in order to have real-time consumption information (subscribed power, rates, indexes, load curves, history, etc.).

Access to a global vision of your assets

the tool provides an energy map of your entire property portfolio.

Analysis of energy and environmental data

N’Gage displays your heterogeneous data in the form of dashboards in order to monitor your energy and environmental performance, to identify buildings with consumption deviations and to be alerted to anomalies.

Energy bill management

the platform is interfaced with energy contracts, allowing you to monitor and check the power subscribed to, as well as to optimize the contracts according to your actual consumption.

How to choose your energy management solution?

In order to save time on the whole process of automating data analysis, it is important to ensure that the energy management system is involved in both data collection and analysis. The restitution of raw data in the form of indicators that meet the challenges of the companies is essential to have a global approach of the assets.

In addition, it is important to ensure that the software platform is able to centralize data from all sources: BMS, BMS, CMMS, ERP, Open Data, sub-metering, remote reading automatons, EDI, asset data, etc.

Finally, a scalable platform will be more efficient. This is the case with the N’Gage solution, which integrates numerous modules capable of meeting the challenges of business profiles (CSR, financial, operations, etc.) as well as the commitments of organizations (GHG Emissions Assessment, GRI, EPRA).


Good to know: an energy management solution handles a lot of data. In fact, this type of software must comply with the legal obligations related to the RGPD to secure the entire chain of data collection, analysis and hosting..