EnergismeN’Gage Base

N'Gage base

Analyze and manage all energy and fluid consumption

The Ngage base gives you access to a first level of analysis. You can already make relevant decisions and implement appropriate action plans that will generate significant savings.

Functional modules

Dashboard ​

Obtain performance indicators adapted to your use cases

Allow your users to access the most relevant analyses according to their profile

Follow the evolution of your needs thanks to the ease of customizing your analyses

Easily export all your data and analyses

Reports ​

Standardize your reporting by defining your own reports for all your assets

Customize the presentation of your reports (logo, cover page, comments...)

Automate your reporting by defining the desired recipients and frequency of sending for each report

Alerts ​

Define alerts when thresholds are exceeded to detect specific deviations

Identify deviations at a glance across your entire perimeter

Subscribe to email notifications to be alerted as soon as possible in case of violations
at a glance

Optimization of Subscribed Power ​

Automatically collect your 10-minute points for your general electricity meters

Obtain the optimal power subscriptions for each delivery point

Calculate the potential savings for your entire fleet

User Management ​

Manage the scope of sites accessible by each of your users

Define different access profiles according to your needs

Control access to functionalities for each access profile

Data sources

Invoice Flow ​

Automate the collection of your energy and water bills

Centralize all your bills in a single platform

Use the data in your cost and energy performance analyses


Automatically collect data from general meters (Gas & Electric)

Obtain the optimal subscribed power for each delivery point

Establish the energy map for your entire property

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Thanks to our modular platform, bring "customized" answers to the management of multi-fluid energy performance

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