Espace Investisseurs

Thierry Chambon
Directeur Général d’Energisme

Dear Shareholder,

While the energy performance market, affected by the requirements to reduce energy consumption and the pressures on energy prices, is in full swing, Energisme has entered a phase of intense market launch of its software solution N'GAGE, now fully completed.

In the first half of 2022, Energisme recorded a 42% increase in sales compared to the same period in 2021; this performance is driven by the invoicing of new customers and the development of the installed base, with in particular, the signature of significant contracts with several major retailers, facility management and energy supply companies. These contracts, currently being rolled out, will contribute to the strong growth expected starting in the second half of 2022.

As a result of this strong momentum and the intensified commercial efforts, the invoiced MRR at the end of December 2022 is expected to exceed €450K. Thus, the expected ARR is raised to more than 5M€, without taking into account the MRR that will be achieved throughout 2023 with the accelerating inflow of new customers.

Building on our technological strengths and our strong development potential, we are confident in our ability to deliver sales of €4.5 million in 2022, corresponding to an anticipated growth of over 30% compared to 2021, and we remain committed to all the objectives of the "AMBITION 20-24" strategic plan.

Energisme accélère sa croissance