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Hospitality: how to consolidate your ESG strategy with data

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Hospitality sector: what challenges does the ESG strategy address?

The integration of environmental, social and governance criteria is crucial in the investment strategy of hotel industry players. It impacts both the CSR policy of hoteliers and their socially responsible investment (SRI) strategy.

Indeed, the SRI label takes into account the social and environmental impact of an investment, in order to fight against greenwashing and to include the energy transition in financial investments.

Beyond the reduction of energy costs that institutions are seeking to achieve, there is a real expectation on the part of all players regarding their environmental impact. Here again, an ESG strategy makes it possible to respond to the prospects of the ecological transition by focusing efforts on sustainable tourism.

Sustainable tourism does not only focus on environmental criteria, which until now have consisted of respecting the natural, cultural and social heritage of a territory. In addition, the implementation of a CSR and SRI strategy integrating ESG criteria creates value for shareholders. This approach is now essential for the hotel sector in a complex economic context.

Sustainable tourism affects both economic and social aspects, through actions such as

the use of seasonal products in the restaurant industry
waste sorting
the reduction of water and energy consumption
staff awareness of sex tourism
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Hospitality industry: how can collecting ESG data improve your energy performance?

The exploitation of data is what will really allow to connect the financial performance of establishments to their environmental and social impact. To do this, an energy management platform like N’Gage intervenes at several levels:

Good to know: beyond the implementation of the software platform, Energisme accompanies you in the definition of your ESG criteria in order to meet the precise needs of your hotels and restaurants.

Environmental criteria

Collection of energy, water and waste management data.

Reducing the environmental footprint of establishments by tracking key indicators (energy consumption per night or client, alerting of drifts, monitoring of energy savings, etc.).

Social criteria

Data analysis to manage energy performance, ensure well-being and safety in the workplace (lighting quality, air quality), but also to participate in territorial resilience by steering a sustainable development strategy.

Governance criteria

To make all stakeholders adhere to the objectives of sustainable development, in particular through the export of data in the form of reliable and compliant CSR reports.

But also: carry out risk prevention actions thanks to the analysis of consumption data and the detection of anomalies.

The N'Gage interface
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Data collection and retrieval in the N’Gage interface are done automatically. The platform connects to CRM and ERP tools, to the connected meters of the establishments, to the consumption history, to the invoices or to the remote management automatons.

N'Gage by Energisme: ESG data collection and processing dedicated to the Hospitality sector

Energy efficiency
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Energy efficiency

N’Gage automates the real-time management of your energy efficiency, by facilitating :

  • Accessing your consumption data and displaying it in a single interface in the form of dashboards.

The intelligent platform manages the ESG analysis of your establishments to help you in your decision-making.

Manage your CSR and sustainable development strategy
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Manage your CSR and sustainable development strategy

N’Gage meets your environmental and social commitments, while guaranteeing your economic performance.

You can instantly see the status of your facilities, those with consumption drifts, those with anomalies (breakdowns, leaks, faulty equipment) and those that meet your environmental objectives.

The ESG performance analysis allows you to easily implement action plans from the platform to reduce your environmental footprint, save energy and improve the well-being of your employees.

Realize immediate financial gains
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Realize immediate financial gains

N’Gage connects to network operators’ databases in order to follow your subscribed powers in real time.

You can follow and optimize your contracts in order to adapt them according to your real consumption.

Make your CSR reports more reliable
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Make your CSR reports more reliable

N’Gage’s flexible dashboards can be adapted to automate the collection of CSR/ESG data from your assets.

You automate their export to environmental and social reporting according to recognized standards.

You rely on compliant data, truly representative of the existing situation.

Integrate all business referents
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Integrate all business referents in the management of your ESG performance

Manage accesses and rights in order to share your dashboards with the business referents:

  • CFO
  • CSR manager
  • marketing manager
  • research department
  • financial auditor

In addition, the platform allows you to monitor the specific indicators required for each business.