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Facility management: build customer loyalty with a new approach to energy

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How to include your facility management services in the energy transition of companies?

Monitoring and improving the energy performance of a company also relies on facility management.

That is why it is essential for a company with an operating fleet to work with partners who follow environmental protocols.

As a facility manager, you are able to optimize your clients’ investment strategy by monitoring energy costs and prioritizing maintenance operations.

How do you do this? By using an energy management system such as N’Gage, which is based on data collection and analysis.

With this type of solution, a facility manager is able to :

  • Identify sites with drifting consumption as well as faulty installations.
  • Alert the site manager or technician to take immediate action.
  • Monitor invoices, check that the power subscribed with energy suppliers is consistent. If necessary, update the contracts to make direct savings.
  • Create a precise action plan from the software platform.
    Prioritize the operations to be carried out.

In addition, you will work with the purchasing manager, the operations manager and the general management, who will also have access to key information from the energy management platform.


Data for the ecological transition
What data contributes to the ecological and environmental transition of an organization?

Electricity, gas, water, hot and cold fluids… the N’Gage solution collects heterogeneous and massive data flows, continuously. All this data is displayed in the form of intelligent dashboards, giving you a global view of your real estate assets.

The correct interpretation of this data allows the deployment of immediate actions on the ground:

  • Resetting the heating and air conditioning systems, setting the water and lighting temperatures, etc.

Not only does this preserve the life of the climate systems, but it also contributes to the comfort of the occupants.

The power of the N’Gage software platform also lies in its customized response to a complex regulatory framework. Depending on your sector of activity, the platform tracks and reports on the KPIs that are essential for measuring the company’s energy performance: Tertiary Decree, BACS Decree, IPMVP protocol, CSR reporting, etc. A dedicated team accompanies you in the handling and evolution of the software platform to continuously respond to ecological and environmental issues.

Energisme's software platform
Automation and innovation at the heart of Energisme's software platform

The N’Gage platform is an energy management software that automates and makes reliable energy and environmental data. The automation intervenes at several levels:

  • Automatic collection of energy expenses and consumption across an entire innovation park from various sources (IoT sensors, smart grids, energy supplier database, connected meters, ERP, CRM).
  • Cross-referencing of data, automatic data analysis and monitoring of KPI’s in real time.
  • Reporting of consumption deviations, programming of automatic alerts.
  • Management of energy bills, immediate optimization of subscribed power.
  • Automatic export of CSR reports, GHG emission assessments, DPEF, ODD, CDP, etc.

A considerable time saving that not only automates data collection, but also allows the rapid implementation of action plans. The reliability of the data also enables the transmission of concrete information to the design offices, financial auditors and project teams.

In short, you gain in productivity and competitiveness by managing the energy performance of companies from a single interface.