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To do so, Energisme helps you to set up innovative, reliable and intelligent digital services to support your customers in their energy performance.

Objectives: increase your competitiveness by developing your offers in energy management, build customer loyalty and promote your environmental commitment.

Energy transition: definition and impact

The energy transition aims to combat climate change and reduce the environmental impact of human activities.

To do this, it requires :

  • the transformation of the mode of production, distribution and consumption of energy deployed throughout the territory.

In fact, it integrates the sustainable development strategy of each organization and requires an in-depth overhaul of energy systems for a more virtuous use.

From the ecological transition to the energy transition

The ecological transition intervenes on multiple subjects:

  • energy transition,
  • agri-food,
  • industrial,
  • preservation of biodiversity,
  • urban planning, eco-mobility and taxation (reduction of waste and pollution).
Energy transition

Thus, the energy transition is an integral part of the ecological transition.

It is oriented towards a policy of energy saving, reduction of energy waste and seeks mainly to replace fossil fuels by an energy mix that favors renewable energies.

What are the challenges of the energy transition?

The stakes of the energy transition are multiple: environmental, social and economic. Namely:

  • Environmental: the energy mix is largely dependent on fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, coal), which is why the transition to renewable energies (hydroelectric, solar, wind…) is central.
  • Social: French citizens are encouraged to use energy in a more virtuous way by making them aware of their consumption. Moreover, this component also concerns the reduction of households in energy insecurity.
  • Economic: by strengthening the country’s energy independence.

This profound transformation of the sector is notably framed by the draft law on energy transition for green growth, which aims at a 40% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, but also :

a 50% reduction in energy consumption by 2050, or,
to reduce by 50% the electricity production generated by nuclear power by 2025.

In addition, the bill also intervenes on the energy renovation of buildings (insulation, heating, etc.) by deploying a set of devices to help finance the work.

How can you participate in the energy transition of your customers?

As an energy player, you are legitimate in the implementation of services oriented towards the energy transition.

Your support in the energy management of your customers can be achieved through several levers:



* Exploiting the data available to you (consumption history, real-time energy consumption, indexes), correlation with other data sources (smart meters, IoT sensors), management of energy bills, etc.

Subscription to an energy management solution
The choice of solution providers that guarantee secure data hosting
The development of partnerships with players in technological devices and smart grids.

The success of the energy transition

The success of the energy transition relies heavily on data and the digitalization of energy performance.

Internet of Things, smart grids, smart cities, energy management systems…

Technological advances are revolutionizing the energy sector and opening up new opportunities for you to build customer loyalty.

Good to know : Energisme relies on energy and environmental data generated by connected sensors (IoT solution), smart metering or energy supply contracts. By using Energisme solution, you are able to offer personalized services to your customers, by exploiting the collected data and by developing a diversified energy mix (electricity, gas, RE).

Energy actors: develop your energy services with Energisme

N'Gage platform
Intelligent and innovative energy management platform

To support you in the digitalization and performance of your digital services, Energisme has developed N’Gage, an intelligent and innovative energy management platform.

Its white-label availability allows you to support your customers in the management of their energy performance.

The software platform provides multi-fluid consumption data and analyzes the performance of your customers’ sites.

You provide them with customized support by identifying consumption drifts, but also by instantly optimizing their energy contracts (optimization of subscribed power).

A modular solution
A modular solution

A modular solution, the key indicators can be adapted to the regulatory protocols to which your clients are subject:

  • Tertiary Decree, BACS Decree.
  • GHG emissions, GRI reports, CSR, EPRA, DPEF, ODD, etc.

N’Gage generates specific dashboards by automatically configuring the indicators dedicated to the various rating systems.

You build new relationships with your customers and enhance your expertise by offering them an environmental and analytical dimension in your service approach.

A powerful tool
A powerful tool

The power of the N’Gage software platform lies in its incredible ability to continuously collect and analyze a mass of heterogeneous data.

A tool :

  • powerful
  • intelligent

that facilitates access to data through interactive dashboards, accurate and exportable data for corporate reports.