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Using data exploitation to support the energy transition of companies

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Simplify your building energy management and reduce your costs

In order to meet the environmental challenges of companies, technological advances and the digitalization of energy performance can accelerate the energy transition of organizations. 

Energisme is a software editor specializing in energy management through the N'Gage platform. N'Gage is a Big Data solution dedicated to the energy management of buildings. It manages the collection of energy data as well as their exploitation through an in-depth analysis.

What is energy management?

Energy management consists of quantifying, managing and optimizing the energy consumption (water, electricity, gas, etc.) produced by a building or several buildings. In fact, energy management is closely linked to the energy efficiency of companies, since it seeks to achieve energy savings by identifying precisely the actions to be taken.

In order to target energy savings and improve the comfort of buildings, business experts integrate the N’Gage energy management solution into their strategy.

  • The goal: is to automate the management of energy consumption at their sites using reliable, heterogeneous and relevant data. 

The platform automatically collects and analyzes data from all sources and makes them interoperable. The key indicators are displayed in the form of dashboards in order to meet your environmental challenges and to obtain a clear vision of the energy performance of your buildings.

Good to know:

We often talk about BMS (Building Management System) tools that allow remote control of equipment in order to regulate the energy consumption of buildings. Energy management systems are different, they rely on multiple sources of data, of which those generated by BMS systems are part. A study by ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) has revealed that BMS systems only contribute significantly to energy savings.

What are the benefits of energy management?

The primary benefit of building energy management is financial, as it allows the identification of energy-hungry equipment, breakdowns and energy losses. 

Energy management also has an impact on the comfort and safety of occupants, helping to improve the working environment.

In addition, automating time-consuming tasks related to energy data collection and risk management allows site managers to focus on more strategic missions.

Finally, energy management contributes to the ecological transition by accelerating the achievement of the objectives set by the law on energy transition for green growth and the ELAN law.

Collection and use of energy data

The N'Gage energy system

The N’Gage energy system intervenes on the collection of energy and environmental data, an essential step in monitoring the energy performance of organizations.

To do this, data is automatically collected from multiple sources (energy meters, BMS, IoT sensors, supervision tools, CRM tools, network operators, etc.).

In addition, the solution takes into account the influencing factors in order to understand the variations in energy consumption:

  • UDD (Unified Degree Days), building occupancy and attendance, weather data, production data in the industrial sector (Enterprise Resource Planning, Manufacturing Execution System)

Only by crossing all the data will the solution be able to return the energy performance indicators (EPI).

It is a real solution for companies facing a huge amount of data, often raw and difficult to exploit. In fact, N’Gage performs an automatic analysis to make data interoperable. In short, it transforms energy and environmental data into key indicators, useful for managing the energy performance of your assets.

In addition, the granularity of the measurements is a determining criterion, the N’Gage energy management software is able to collect energy data on all your sites, but also by zone, by energy use and by building.

Energy management: key features of the N'Gage platform

N’Gage is a software in SaaS mode which has a tailor-made approach to the energy performance of buildings, via the collection and exploitation of data. 

It supports business managers in achieving their objectives: optimizing supply contracts, controlling contractual margins, monitoring the company’s environmental impact, digitizing businesses, monitoring KPIs, etc., through key features:

Data collection

Automatic collection of massive, heterogeneous data from all sources: IoT sensors, energy contracts (consumption history, indexes, load curves, etc.), internal software (ERP, CRM, BMS, BMS), invoices, remote management automata, etc.

Data visualization

Restitution of data in the form of dashboards, monitoring of EPCs (energy performance indicators), data granularity (vision by country, by region, by department, by site), real-time visibility of energy consumption and environmental impacts.

Multi-site vision

Mapping of sites and alerting of buildings with drifting consumption.


Alert settings

Automatic sending of drifts or anomalies to the business manager.


Programming of action plans and follow-up

Optimization of maintenance operations and prioritization of work to be done.


Energy performance reports

Export of energy performance reports in compliance with environmental standards and certifications: CSR report, GHG emissions report, Tertiary Decree, BACS Decree, OPERAT platform, etc.

Monitoring of energy bills

Verification and optimization of contracts based on actual consumption at each site.