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N'Gage, the Big Data solution for business strategies

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Today, it is difficult to ignore the use of data to drive business strategy

Many executives are aware of this and are looking to adopt data management and processing solutions to transform raw data into insights.  The key is to automate business processes, accelerate decision making, and govern through data.

To meet these challenges, Energisme has developed N'Gage, a Big Data and IoT platform specialized in the collection and exploitation of multi-fluid energy data.

What is Big Data?

Big Data refers to a massive amount of information, continuously produced by all stakeholders: individuals and companies. The volume is so large that it is necessary to use technologies and analysis methods to generate value. 

Big Data is the consequence of the explosion of digital data due to the development of new technologies, the continuous evolution of storage capacities, the Internet and social networks. We are also witnessing the birth of Machine Learning, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology based on the technique of automatic learning, allowing a tool to evolve without the need for programming. To progress, Machine Learning relies on statistical data and predictive analysis, enabling it to bring out key insigths with remarkable speed.

The challenge of Big Data lies in its exploitation by relying on more and more sophisticated analysis tools, capable of rendering the data in real time. 

Consequently, data processing is a key issue for business leaders, since the proper interpretation of data allows to reliably capture what exists and to accelerate decision-making. The stakes are so high that some companies are governed by data by adopting a data-driven approach.

  • How to go from Big Data to Smart Data?

Numerous technologies allow companies to quickly implement tools with Artificial Intelligence: marketing platform, energy management system, information system (collection, storage, processing and distribution of information), etc.

Big Data: what are the challenges for corporate strategy?

A pillar of the digital transformation of organizations, the use of Big Data facilitates decision-making in all company departments.

The main challenge is to enable each business to retrieve and exploit the data that meets its needs:


In addition, the use of data in companies has an impact on R&D, CSR and financial departments as well as on general management.

The use of data also offers a tremendous opportunity to accelerate the energy transition of companies. An energy management platform such as N’Gage, specialized in the management of energy performance of organizations, can collect and automatically analyze a massive amount of multi-fluid data to help stakeholders in their corporate challenges (CSR strategy, environmental commitments, etc.).


Data offers the opportunity to better understand their target audience based on reliable data generated from numerous media (connected objects, smartphones, computers, connection times, products consumed, online behavior, etc.). The possibilities are so numerous that companies are able to segment their customers, adapt the messages sent to them or adjust their offers according to the demand.


Here again, data on consumer buying behavior allows companies to personalize their sales pitches, optimize their store layouts and define the most strategic locations for their sales outlets.


Energy and environmental data can be used to improve energy consumption throughout the production chain, to better monitor maintenance operations and to improve inventory management.

Companies are becoming more and more data-driven

From large companies to SMEs, more and more companies are choosing to be data-driven.

A data-driven approach implies the development of a data strategy in order to make its application efficient, i.e. to accelerate and make reliable the decision making in companies.

To do this, data-driven companies must be able to collect data, determine the purpose of the data (regulatory, labeling, financial, research, marketing, etc.) and, above all, have the internal resources. Purchasing, finance, operations, sales, marketing, IT… strategic decision-making governed by data requires decision-makers who are comfortable with Big Data technologies.

Good to know: in order for data to be used in decision-making, it must be qualified. Each company department is dependent on specific KPIs. While the marketing department will need data on purchasing behavior to identify distribution channels, the CSR department will need data that is in line with these issues (energy, environmental, ESG data, etc.). 

To meet the objectives of companies, Energisme intervenes on the management of their energy performance.

The N’Gage energy management system facilitates access to energy and environmental consumption data from an unlimited number of sites.

The platform makes the data interoperable through the work of crossing and restitution of heterogeneous data in a single interface.

N’Gage is scalable, and the functionalities and insights it provides are evolving in order to continuously adapt to the challenges of each user. All levels of the company are relieved of time-consuming tasks so that they can focus on the strategic aspects of their business.