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The Energisme offer: a turnkey solution for energy management

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The Energisme offer: a turnkey solution for energy management

Energisme has developed the N'Gage platform dedicated to the energy performance of all social and economic actors. Through the collection and automated analysis of multi-fluid data from heterogeneous sources, the platform accelerates the energy efficiency of organizations.

Its scope does not stop there, as predictive modeling tools and an ecosystem of partners are embedded in the solution.


The first step towards the ecological transition of buildings: the collection of energy and environmental data. 

The N’Gage platform connects to multiple data sources to automate their collection: influencing factors (weather, occupancy rate), remote reading, network operators’ databases (energy contracts, bills, indexes, historical data, load curves, subscribed power, etc.), CMMS software, CRM, ERP, building energy management system (BEMS), IoT sensors, building management systems, etc.

Multi-fluid data (electricity, gas, water, hot fluids, cold fluids) are displayed in the form of interactive and scalable dashboards.

Each business manager can supervise the energy and fluid consumption of sites, as well as facilities.

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The collection stage is followed by a detailed analysis to transform the raw data into key indicators.

Users have access to a number of modules: mapping of the entire fleet, sites on alert (anomalies, consumption deviations), in-depth site-by-site study, global vision of the organization’s energy consumption. In addition, N’Gage allows the implementation and monitoring of an action plan in order to manage maintenance operations and work from the interface.

Good to know: the indicators returned and monitored by the platform can be adapted to the needs of the different levels of the company in order to generate customized tables. If you are subject to the Tertiary Decree, a dashboard dedicated to monitoring the indicators imposed by your Energy Performance Contract (EPC) is integrated into the solution. The same is true for your CSR, SRI and other regulations that require specific rating systems.

The use of the data does not stop there – a module for managing invoices makes it possible to check the energy consumption of the sites and to immediately optimize the power subscribed to with the energy suppliers. The company makes immediate financial gains by adapting its contracts.

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Based on artificial intelligence and predictive algorithms, the N’Gage solution considers multiple scenarios based on data and actions taken on the platform. 

In fact, the platform establishes prediction curves to measure the savings made thanks to your actions. In concrete terms, a comparison is made between your actual energy consumption and what it would have been if work had not been carried out.

The modeling of the predictions allows you to value the efficiency of your actions to  different stakeholders as well as to facilitate your next decisions. Thus, you adopt a more dynamic approach to the energy management of sites by making more relevant choices on their multi-fluid  consumption.

  • Our teams constantly accompany you in the customization of the platform and in its handling. Moreover, in order to secure the platform which handles a massive amount of data, we are surrounded by French partners specialized in the fields of security and data storage.

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Prise de décision - Energisme

Decision making

The execution of time-consuming and sometimes tedious tasks is automatically managed by N’Gage, allowing you to take a step back and focus on the continuous improvement of fleet management.

The tool allows each manager to focus on his or her real added value: decision-making on subjects as broad as CSR commitments, investment choices, energy savings, and the digitization of businesses and offers. 

All stakeholders (CSR department, technical, commercial, marketing, IS, general management, etc.) have a concrete view of the management of the organization’s energy performance.

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Secteur public - N'Gage - Energisme

N’Gage Start

The N’Gage Start service allows you to experiment with the possibilities offered by the energy platform. Free of charge and with no obligation, N’Gage Start provides access to the automatic collection of electricity and gas consumption data as well as the analysis of site performance.

Simplified management of assets through key modules:

  • Energy mapping of the assets.
  • Monitoring the overall performance of the park in the form of a dashboard and identifying consumption drifts.
  • Optimization of consumption and energy contracts for each site.

You can visualize the energy status of all your sites, note their carbon impact and determine the priority actions to take. In addition, you will be able to make immediate financial gains by optimizing your energy supply contracts based on your actual consumption.

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