Energism joined the Microsoft cloud ecosystem #cloudfunding #thanksBill

Maires d'Iles-de-France show

Energism presented its energy management solutions at the Salon des Maires d’Ile de France, the 12/13/14 of April 2016.

Council for construction and energy efficiency

The Minister of Housing announced the installation of the Higher Council for construction and energy efficiency.

Its role is to assess the economic impact of any new rules concerning the construction, standardize and limit the creation of new standards in the building, to simplify the implementation and evaluation of public policies for housing construction . A bill should come soon including the new watchwords.

Salon Eco-Smart Home Show d’Al Ai (Abu Dhabi)

Energism presented its energy management solutions during the 1st edition of the Eco -Smart Home Show lounge Al Ain.
Fair organized by Al Ain Distribution Company ( AADC ) supplier of electricity and water in Abu Dhabi.

COP 21 : From 30 November to 11 December in Paris

The 21th Conference of Parties (COP) will take place from 30 November to 11 December 2015 in Paris. This conference aims to bring together almost all countries of the world to discuss issues of climate warming.

Energisme & Objenious

Energism becomes the main partner of Objenious on energy management.

Energisme is prizewinner of PM'up 2015

Award April 16, 2015 by the Ile- de- France . PM’up is a device that supports the Ile companies that have projects with the greatest potential for value , employment, international and sustainable development.

All the team of energism thank the Ile-de- France region for its support.

Iso 50001 : Energy audit

Companies of + 250 employees whose turnover exceeds EUR 50 million , should carry out an energy audit by 15 December 2015. Read article